Is McCann’s Traditional Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal (Non-GMO) Considered Organic Oatmeal?

If you’re looking to enjoy a hot bowl of McCann’s Traditional Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal, you might be wondering if it’s indeed organic oatmeal. But a better question would be: what does ‘organic’ mean to you?

The definition of “organic” varies depending on who you ask. Some people use the term loosely, believing that organic foods are either inherently healthy, free from genetic modification, or grown without certain fertilizers or ingredients.

Organic refers to a method of farming and food production that avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and irradiation. Organic farming emphasizes the use of natural methods, such as crop rotation, composting, and natural pest control, in order to promote soil health and the production of nutrient-dense, environmentally sustainable food. At McCann’s, we take pride in our organic ingredients. McCann’s Traditional Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal whole-grain oats are: 

  • Certified Non-GMO. This means that absolutely no genetic modifications were used in creating these oats.
  • Grown on Irish farms, by farmers using many of the same practices, with some even using the same land, that their ancestors used to grow McCann’s Irish oats since 1876.
  • Naturally full of key nutrients, including B-vitamins, calcium, protein, and fiber, while also being low in salt and unsaturated fat.
  • High scorers from the Environmental Working Group . They gave our oats a great score since McCann’s doesn’t contain artificial or industrial ingredients, has whole grain as its #1 ingredient, and has no processing issues.

Our commitment to authenticity is both a tradition and an ongoing mission. We uphold high-quality standards to preserve the purity and wholesomeness of our many oatmeal products, which we have maintained for more than a century. In fact, when you enjoy a bowl of McCann’s Irish Oats, you’re likely to feel transported back to a time when steel-cut oats were enjoyed in the Irish countryside over a century ago. So, take the time to slow down, savor each bite, and give yourself the delightful organic experience of enjoying a delicious and healthy breakfast.

Learn what makes our Irish oats so special by visiting this page. Explore an array of interesting, creative and hearty recipes featuring McCann’s Irish Oats in our free recipes section. Looking to get started with McCann’s Irish Oatmeal but not sure where to find our products? Please use our handy Where to Buy tool to find the retailer nearest you that carries our fine oatmeal selections.